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Centre for Advanced Training Systems

The Centre for Advanced Training Systems (ATS) specializes in next-generation training systems and workforce modernisation. We provide trusted, independent advice to:

  • Redesign existing training protocols and systems
  • Create training products for high-risk high-consequence environments
  • Provide independent evaluation of training systems and products
  • Audit training frameworks and training strategy
Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate

We have been fortunate to collaborate with the following organisations::

How can the Centre for Advanced Training Systems (ATS)
help you to advance, improve and upscale your training systems and workplace processes?

We are involved in all aspects of training programme delivery:

Highly effective training systems are complex and many factors influence their real-world performance. ATS considers these aspects, to develop functional, tailored training platforms using evidence-based scientific knowledge.

Training Program Considertations
Learn About the Centre

Learn About the Centre

The Centre for Advanced Training Systems brings together researchers, educators and technology experts to provide tailored end-to-end project management.

Learn About Specific Projects

Learn About Specific Projects

The Centre for Advanced Training Systems (ATS) activities are funded on a project-specific basis and focus on improving workplace training in three main areas: Defence, Health and Education.

Learn About the Team

Learn About the Team

Our focus is on working with organisations to develop, implement and evaluate new training approaches that take advantage of digital platforms, particularly digital simulation platforms.

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Centre for Advanced Training Systems

Funding: The Centre for Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is based at The University of Newcastle. ATS activities are made possible through project-specific funding, as outlined in the Projects pages.